Training Log

Weekly training log 6, taper and race

Week commencing 9th Feb. Updated daily(ish). DayActivityDistanceTimeTSS Monday Lunchtime 5M 8.0km 41:03 65.9 Tuesday Rest - - - Wednesday Lunchtime 10K 10.4km 49:45 91.3 Bike 5.65km 11:30 10.0 Thursday Rest - - - Friday Swim 0.6km  14:57 25.2 Saturday Rest … Continue reading

Half day brick session

Fully aware of the fact that I suffered badly in the heat on Sunday and that I may not have enough time to recover fully for this Sunday, I intended to do a hard hot brick session to prove I'm … Continue reading

Aborted training run

Had planned on working a half day at work and coming home at lunchtime for a 2hr bike and then a 2hr(ish) run. Unfortunately got stuck with a difficult problem I couldn't leave and actually ended up leaving work later … Continue reading

Quick spin and accident

Went out for a quick spin on the bike on Sunday afternoon whilst it was still hot, to try and acclimatise to the heat, when I had a little accident.Descending out of Weston to the A507 round a corner, hit … Continue reading

Lunchtime 10K half-marathon pace

Target was to run my half marathon pace, in preparation for Sundays Greenway Half Marathon. Pace was 8m/m or 5m/km which would be 51 mins for our 10.2km course. Done in TrainingPeaks analysis.

Lunchtime 10K

Out with Tony and Mark, nice day again, ran out together then Mark sped up on the way back. Still just in sight of his as we came down the hill, pushed harder through the park to try and catch … Continue reading

Redricks Coached Swim

First open water swim of the year.  Water was 12C air temp was 4C, water felt fine once in, but it was very cold afterwards, it took nearly two hours before I could feel my feet properly afterwards.  Went with … Continue reading