Weekly training log 6, taper and race

Week commencing 9th Feb. Updated daily(ish).

Day Activity Distance Time TSS
Monday Lunchtime 5M 8.0km 41:03 65.9
Tuesday Rest
Wednesday Lunchtime 10K 10.4km 49:45 91.3
Bike 5.65km 11:30 10.0
Thursday Rest
Friday Swim 0.6km  14:57 25.2
Saturday Rest
Sunday Baldock Beast 21.1km 1:40:38 175 
Totals 45.7km 3:37:54 367.6


Not feeling particularly spritely after yesterday’s half marathon followed by standing up all day at a party etc. Was kind of hoping for a solo run day to do 5M recovery, but bumped into Steve who was up for 10K. The pace was too high for me, but as it was a looped course (BBC 5K backwards) I stuck it out until about the 7km mark, then headed back to try and pull it in at 5M. Should have stuck to my guns and insisted.


Rest. Working from home. No bike. Took Alex’s bike to school to let him cycle home, but Lindsey finished work early and picked us up.


Steve has a bad back, so I got a solo 10K. Went on feel, still probably conversational pushed harder towards the end, more of a progression run, but not checking times, looking at heart rate. Had a lorry driver decide to block the road for all traffic including pedestrians at the top of Old Oak Lane, then “9 Dog Man” met “3 Dog Man” on a narrow part of the canal resulting in a dog fight on the row path.

In the evening put pedals and bar tape on the CAAD10 and took it onto the rollers of a quick shakedown ride.


Busy day at work, felt knackered and could face anything else, took a rest day.


Managed to squeeze in a quick swim between meetings. Just 600m, 2x 300M. Should have stayed longer but meh!


Full rest day before The Beast tomorrow.


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