Weekly training log 5

Week commencing 2nd Feb. Updated daily(ish).

First week of Febulous 100%!

Compared to last week:

  • Time spent: up by 5 mins
  • Distance: No change (well up 100metres!)
  • TSS: up by 43
Day Activity Distance Time TSS
Monday Swim sets 1.2km 31:34 43.1
Tuesday Rest
Wednesday 10K Run 10.3km 48:47 91.8
Thursday Turbo Session 23.5km 45:36 75.0
Friday 10K Run 10.4km 51:08 90.0
Bike 22.5km 45:07 52.9
Saturday Rest
Sunday 13M Run 21.4km 1:50:04 178
Totals 89.3km 5:32:16 531


Went for a lunchtime swim as still aching from Sunday’s pre-breakfast half marathon.

Pool was a lot more congested than normal, had to stop a couple of times for people getting in/out.

On the last set, hit stop rather than lap when I started the set, gave up after about 100M, meh!


Rest day, still little ache from Sunday in the quads.


Went out solo in the cold to run 10K. Target was just harder than conversational for approximately Half Marathon pace.

Still a little quad ache on the left hand side, and a little forefoot soreness on the right. Both were nothing to hinder a run and both alleviated during the run anyway.

No soreness post run.

Beers tonight on Shaftesbury Ave.


Thrashed out on the turbo. Picked another online video time trial effort against whoever was online at the same time. It does add an edge of competition, especially as I won! (by 45 seconds!) Also got a fitness upgrade on BKOOL, now classed as Active 1, whatever that means.


Lunchtime 10K with an evening bike as Lindsey is out. Want a rest day before Sunday’s long run.

Went for a fast 10K, solo as no Steve. Cold day, parts of the canal were frozen, felt that I couldn’t push as hard as I had on Wednesday and still wasn’t fully recovered, still not a bad time, but 2 mins plus slower.

Still put in a reasonable bike in the evening, power output was not as high, as expected.




Long run of 13M, target was for first 10 at half pace, last 3 bringing HR down to around 145 to recover for the end.

However just went on feel, came in just over 5mins faster than last Sunday, very cold again, couldn’t feel my face by the end. No aching quads this time and was able to stretch out fully once finished.

Didn’t sit down until the evening however, as full day cooking and NCT party in the afternoon.

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