Weekly training log 4

Week commencing 26th Jan. Updated daily(ish).

Jantastic January 100% yay!

Compared to last week:

  • Time spent: down by 8min
  • Distance travelled: up by 7.7km
  • TSS: up by 35.1
Day Activity Distance Time TSS
Monday Lunchtime 5M 8.17km 41:47 61.9
Tuesday Rest      
Wednesday Swim sets 1.2km 31:40 44.9
Thursday Lunchtime 10K 10.2km 48:30 91.5
Turbo session 15.4km 30:06 32.5
Friday Rest      
Saturday Turbo session 32.9km 59:24 87.2
Sunday 13M Run 21.4km 1:54:50 170
Totals 89.2km 5:26:17 488


Meant to have a recovery run after yesterday’s 10 miler, but got slightly carried away.

5 miles reasonably easy down the canal path towards Paddington for a change.

Strength exercises in during the day and evening. Have taken spare resistance band into work and set it up on my desk.


Rest day. Lindsey came home early, so I had the car to go to CodeClub, which meant Alex didn’t even ride his bike home.


Lunchtime swim, was planning of 500M sets with 30 sec rest. Got just to the end of the second set when a school arrived and shutdown some of the swim lanes. Threw in an extra 200M to make it up to 1200M, then called it in.


Wasn’t particularly looking forward to this. A planned 10K threshold run. Cold, so full base layers and gloves. Glad for it as well. Came back the same way behind Wormwood and the hospital, partly because we’d get a tailwind on the return. Good negative split, but Steve overtook me as we came past Linford Christie Stadium, I struggled to push harder, HR was already in the 170s.

Bike this evening will be a spin!

Gentle 30 min spin with an 12min effort in the middle on the BKOOL using the 3D rider view. Quite interesting online multi user Time Trial type effort where you don’t know where your competitors are until everyone’s finished.


Rest day


In the evening picked another 3D/Video online Time Trial session.

A different stage of La Vuelta not so much climbing involved.
Longer session and cooled down for an extra couple of mins to make it an hour.


Up and out for about 8:20am pre-breakfast.

Double thermals required. Kept heart rate to approx 145 fairly well, in fact seemed to struggle to get HR up at some points.

At about 12km started to feel an ache in Quads (inside towards knee) but nothing that ever came to a cramp.

Two laps around Fairlands Valley Park added on to last weeks 10M course, home in just under 2 hrs.

Couldn’t feel my face for a while after I got home because of the cold!

Later in the day, quads started to ache, trouble stretching out hamstrings etc, unable to take my weight for a squat on left hand side quad.

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