Weekly training log 3

Week commencing 19th Jan.

Compared to last week:

  • Time spent: up by 01hr 06min
  • Distance travelled: up by  22.6km
  • TSS: up by 98.6
Day Activity Distance Time TSS
Monday Lunchtime 10K 10.5km 55:54  78.3
Tuesday Rest
Wednesday Rest
Thursday Swim sets 1.2km 31:54 29.5
Turbo Session 25.8km 50:57 76
Friday Lunchtime 12K 12.1km 1:05:16 90.5
Saturday Turbo Session 15.8km 43:13 60.8
Sunday Pre-Breakfast 10M 16.1km 1:27:14 118
Totals 81.5km 5:34:28 452.9


Slower run over lunch, no niggles, felt good.

Very cold especially in the shade, but sun was out and all good.


Took a rest day, jogged back from school as Alex rode his bike again.


Meeting madness meant that lunchtime swim didn’t happen so pushed it back to tomorrow instead, will have to do a double day Swim/Bike now.


Swim at lunch, 1200M in 4x 300M sets with 30sec rests.

Pretty good and 7min for first set. Managed whole session breathing every fourth stroke, and concentrating on kicking from the hip not the knee.

Lindsey at choir in the evening, so pulled in a stage of La Vuelta on the BKOOL. Average power for the 36min set was 244Watts, and got bumped up on the BKOOL to Amateur 10, whatever that means.


Was planning a conversational 10K at lunch with Steve, and we took an alternate route and went down to Little Venice.

When we got there, we decided to continue a little further down to Paddington and back, making a little over 12km.

During the afternoon developed a slight ache in the ball of my right foot. Not plantar faciitis, but tried stretching it out.


Lindsey’s was out in the evening, so planning a sufferfest 1hr set on the turbo, in the end, re-did Sufferfest: The Long Scream, a 30min Time Trial.

I had re-done the BKOOL session properly and it worked out pretty well.


Need to get a longer run in at the weekend, ready for the Baldock Beast on Feb 15th!

Went out at 8am, pre-breakfast and completed 10 miles trying to keep cadence up and heart rate down.

No niggles from my right foot.

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