Weekly training log 2

Week commencing 12th Jan.

Time down 18mins, TSS up 36 week on week.

Day Activity Distance Time TSS
Monday Lunchtime 5M 7.92km 39:43 61.6
Tuesday Turbo session 18km 1:00:04 74.7
Wednesday Lunchtime 5M 8.29km 42:01 63.1
Thursday Rest
Friday Swim  1.5km 38:33 39.4
Turbo session 14.2km 33:48 48.7
Saturday Rest
Sunday Run 8.93km 49:04 66.9
Totals 58.9km 4:23:13 354.3


Solo form run, concentrating on cadence, glute engagement, core stability and breathing. 

Not too hard, breathing helped with that, to slow me down.


Alex decided he wanted to ride his bike home from school, so I jogged along side him.

Lindsey was out for the evening, so I turbo’d it up on Sufferfest “Fight Club”, one hour race simulation. Unfortunately if looked up some session on BKOOL and favourited them, but they were not synchronised and I ended up with some of the recover sections on an 8% gradient.

Ho hum! I’ll sort my own out for next time.


Solo 5 mile run, really cold but nice a sunny. Felt wonderful in the sun, as soon as on the canal in the shade, brrrr. Glad for wimping out for base layers and gloves today.

On way back, at about 6km had a single jolt on pain, mid thigh outside for a single step only. Not sure whether it was a miss-step/twist as it was on the broken section of the canal path. 


Out of the office from 11am, need to collect Alex from childminders, then Lindsey is out at choir, original plan was to do a quicker turbo session.

Had a really atrocious nights sleep with mid back ache, taking as a rest day.


Lunchtime swim, started with 100M and 200M, then went on to do 4 x 300M sets with 30sec recovery.

Bit faster than last week, trying to concentrate on breathing every 4th stroke and kicking from the hip not the knee.

Needs more work, but getting faster.

Prep’ed my own “SufferFest: The Long Scream” set on BKOOL, but when it started it had been converted to distance. Pain in the arse, but explains the set earlier this week. Will have to investigate on how to do a fixed time intervals session now.


Off up to the in-laws to see the Stunts before the fly back to Russia.


After a lazy morning, needed to get Alex out of the house, so I ran up to Serpentine park and blasted out 5km, then, took Alex on a loop of the course on his bike.
He decided he wanted to run half a lap, then I gave him and Lindsey a head start and followed them home.

Threw in some hill repeats to kill some time as I kept catching them.

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