Weekly training log 1

Week commencing 5th Jan.

Updated daily(ish)

Day Activity Distance Time TSS
Monday Lunchtime 10K 10.4km 50:21 84.9
Tuesday Bike 6.01km 23:26 29
Wednesday Lunchtime 10K 10.4km 56:20 75.8
Thursday Bike turbo session 11.8km 24:47 35
Friday Swim Sets 1.2km 32:19 28.9
Saturday Evening 5M 8.62km 44:29 64.6
Sunday Rest      
Totals 48.4km 4:41:42 318.2


First solo run since Tony left.

First Jantastic run for 2015.

Went out fairly hard to gauge fitness after Christmas excess, may suffer for that later.
Bumped into a dick on the canal ghost riding a bike on one side and with a huge dog on the other, refusing make any room on the tow path.
Evasive manoeuvres required.

Slight ache in quads on way home, no other issues.


Bike out to pick up Alex from school with the trailer bike.

No CodeClub this week, so only a short gap before the return.

Quads still aching a little from Monday.


Changed minds a couple of times in the morning about whether to run or not as quads still aching.

Steve was going for a run and organised to swim with Nikos tomorrow, went for a slightly slower 10K along the canal.


Morning heart rate was slightly elevated this morning (55).

Still aching in legs, if it’s like this tomorrow will switch for a rest day for Friday and short run + bike at the weekend.

Reorganised to swim with Nikos, who then aborted and I was running out of time to get to a meeting.

Once home and Lindsey was out at choir, managed to wrangle Alex into bed for spot on 8pm and had already tidied and setup my bike in the turbo.

Managed 10min warm up fine, but once in the main set after 10mins started get both calves cramping, after another few mins right calf locked.

Not sure if too few salts over the last couple of days. Taking normal supplements with magnesium. Added some salt to dinner.


Organised a definite swim at lunch with Nikos. No afternoon meetings, so no excuses.

As it turned out Nikos had excuses and so did Steve, so I went solo and did 4x 300M swim sets with 1min rest. Results were: Set 1: 7:43 Set 2: 8:04 Set 3: 8:13 Set 4: 8:17 Total time: 32:19

Not too knackered will see how my shoulders feel tomorrow.


Shoulders not too bad, slight ache in left, but not that would stop any activity.

Managed to grab a run at about 4:30 S the sun was setting.

Cold 6°C and a bit windy, but once moving actually quite nice. Kept cadence up and tried to concentrate on form for whole run.


Rest day, but did pop down to Fairlands Valley Park with Alex and got him to ride his bike, so ended up jogging alongside him for about 2 miles.

Jantastic Week 1, complete full marks. Bravo me!

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