BBC Regent’s Park 10K

The BBC Weather app a promised 25°C bright sunny day, so of course it pissed it down all day.

As it approached 5 o’clock I started steeling myself for a wet race, but as Mark and I walked into Regent’s Park the clouds parted and the sun began to attempt some sort of drying on the London pavements.

We were also a touch late arriving for the 6:30pm race start, but so were about 50 others, and this was organised by the BBC, and nothing starts on time here, even the pips get a warm up!

Having signed in and got my number, lucky number 6, making jokes about it being my seed number and finding a secure location to store our bags, we headed to the start to mingle and check out the competition.

Several clubs seemed to out in force, and I spotted a group from my town club Fairland Valley Spartans. I hoped to spot another RG Active top or two, but if there were present, the escaped me.

The course was a three lap affair, exceeding well marshalled, and I made a point of saying thanks, well on the first two laps anyway.

There was a brief intro before, which I could hardly hear, then the horn.

As normal it was a crowded start and I put in my second fastest km of the race (4:38) to make up some space, then settled down to around 5:00/km (8:00/M)

After about 4km I started to pull back a few people, especially on the (very slight) rises, and at 5km I made a conscious effort to pick the pace, to 4:50/km still leaving something for the last km.

My tussle with a girl in a bright yellow top was won at 9km when I stepped the pace up and dropped her and another couple of heavy breathers who ha started gasping at my heels.

As I came down towards the finish, I spotted Mark G and that gave me a final spurt of energy to put in a sprint finish giving me a final km time of 4:25!

By the watch I made that a 10km time of 48:15 and a new PB by ~30seconds.

But afterwards I felt that I had to work hard for it, partly the heat and humidity but my Maldon Olympic Tri 10km tine was only 1:45 slower after a swim and a bike!

Anyway a new PB and good after work run. Plus a cheeky run home from the Stevenage train station to boot. Well I was still in my running gear and nicely warmed up!

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