Quick spin and accident

Went out for a quick spin on the bike on Sunday afternoon whilst it was still hot, to try and acclimatise to the heat, when I had a little accident.

Descending out of Weston to the A507 round a corner, hit some broken road surface, felt the back wheel lock up and vaguely remember leaning into the skid as the back wheel started to overtake the front. Then I found myself a moment later on my back in the middle of the road.

Hopped up okay, bike okay, all wheels span, levers intact etc.. Spotted the buckle from my right shoe in the road, started to feel some oozing coming from my lower back.

Hopped(!) back on the bike and turned back home (about 7.5km).

As I came through Weston started to feel okay, so swung off down the Baldock road to go down and back up the Chalk Hills Climb before heading home.

In-depth TrainingPeaks analysis.

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