Dorney Super Sprint


Good race, knocked 3 minutes of my previous bike time and 4mins off my run time at the same venue.

Swim 400m T1 Bike 21.4km T2 Run 5km Total
10:08 3:11 38:03 1:16 24:05 1:16:44


This was BBC Worldwide organised wave at the Dorney SuperSprint Series of race. Yavor, one of my colleagues was also there, his first Triathlon.

I had a quick blast on the bike down to the far end of the venue to collect my RG Active Race Team colours trisuit, as RGA were running a swim coaching session at the same time, at the other end of the lake.

This year all the Olympic venue seating etc. had been removed and the Triathlon venue for HumanRace is now situated at the opposite end of the rowing lake. This is actually quite a bit better and gives more room for Transition and spectators.

Hooked up with Yavor and said hello to a couple of other RG Active team members.

Went and collected numbers etc. and first chance to use my new BTF Membership and race card.

Scoped out Transition, placed on the second transition row and about in the middle. Then went for a walk with Yav to checkout the Bike in/out and Run in/out areas.


Water was definitely not 15C. Deep water start, with just over 5mins treading water.

First time I’ve really swum right in the middle of a pack during a race, as most of the BBC wave were slow swimmers, like me.

Got caught up with a another swimmer and breathed in a lungful of water about halfway and lost probably 30seconds. Recovered, with a bit of retching, them resumed.

Coming out the water and trying to undo my wetsuit, no helpers unzipping etc, as it’s a new suit the velcro is very secure, and as I ran over the spectator crossing, which was a bit muddy, I slipped and landed heavily on my shoulder. No damage and no soreness, so was lucky on this occasion.

Reasonable T1, 3:11, including fall and using socks. Would try no socks for a sprint next time, but haven’t practised riding/running without socks so far.


Full on TT position for the whole distance, including the corners and overtaking. 

Only came up for riding into T2.

Pushed the whole way, averaged 250watts, so pretty happy with that got a shout from Dermott, RG Active Coach, on the first lap.


Quick T2 then out to the run. Almost took a wrong a turn and ran out the bike exit.

Still had numb feet from the swim until a good 10 minutes into the run. Spotted a couple of other RG Active team members and gave them a shout.

Spotted Yavor running the start of his first lap as I finished my last, raised my pace for the last 500m. Finished with a run that was my second fastest 5km run time.

Numbers and plots


TrainingPeaks analysis


TrainingPeaks analysis


TrainingPeaks analysis

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