Greenway Challenge Half Marathon (plus cycle)


Cycled to the venue 29mins.

Warm day, got lost on the course, and added an extra 1200m+. 

Watch reported Half Marathon distance in 1:55:08, official finish time on the line 2:01:58.


Lovely morning to start, porridge for breakfast and a quick coffee.

Prep’ed all my kit the previous night, so a quick bag check then off.

Good ride averaged over 30kph even with a transition bag on my back.

Took a Shot Blok Gel and bidon in my jersey pocket for the race.


Plan was to run at 8m/mile until 10 miles, then see what was left.

Was considerably warmer than any run I’ve done, having trained in 0-5C, 18C felt hot!

From the start my HR was significantly higher than the exertion level I was feeling. In the 170s for most of the race.

Only managed 8m/miles up to about 5km then had to slow to about 9min, as the heat started to really kick in.

Before the 5 mile water station, we crossed a road by a marshal and followed to runners in front of us, the woman had just been told she was currently placed 8th. But not for long, as about 5mins later we were back at the same marshal having taken a wrong turn, still following the Greenway Challenge signs but should have gone to Cycle Route 12 for that section apparently.

Slightly demoralised at that point, as we then hit the back of a big pack and spent most of the rest of the race running through people.

Glad I took a bidon with me, as the two water stations at 5 and 10 miles wouldn’t have been enough.

Tony kept with me until about 8miles then went on ahead.

Managed to keep a reasonable pace, until turning into the finishing field and having already run the distance, struggled up the final hill, but picked back up for the downhill finish.

2:01:58 official time, 1:55:08 on the watch for a half-marathon.

Then hug from Alex and Lindsey, and plenty of cakes supplied by North Herts Road Runners.

Would definitely do again!

Race Data

My HR seemed to be very high, even though I was holding a conversation through out most of the race, certainly the 8miles with Tony.

Some of that would be the race, the rest I suspect may be down to the heat. It’s interesting to note that I managed to push that level of exertion for 2hours+.

In-depth TrainingPeaks analysis.

Cycle to the race

In-depth TrainingPeaks analysis.

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