Brick Session

Lindsey and Alex out for the morning/afternoon decided to make the most of it and try and get in a reasonable ride and a good long run (for me anyway).

Managed a 40km (25MTT and a 17km (10M) run all in under 3 hours.

New PBs for 15km in 1:21:29 and 10M in 1:27:53


New route to pull in some villages further south and scope out more training grounds, with a view to getting a route to Redricks and/or work.

Contact lens blew out as I was coming through Bennington, could still see enough through the other one to continue.

Coming through Green End and Haultwick was very cold and 

In-depth TrainingPeaks analysis.


Quick change of shoes, put a new contact lens in and quick slurp of water and picked up a couple of gels.

Stuffed the water bottle from my bike in the back of my cycle jersey.

Not too stiff straight of the bike, but by about 12km quad’s were starting to make their presence known.

Walked for about 30 seconds to take on some water just before 11km, and felt a lot better for it.

Got home just in time to miss the huge hail and snow storm.

In-depth TrainingPeaks analysis.

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